SCUBIC is the ultimate monitoring & control decision support platform for water utilities. It incorporates in one solutions forecasting techniques, network simulation and smart advisory tools to enable operational costs reduction, enhance security through active management and assess network's risks and vulnerabilities.
Demand Forecast
With a precise water demand forecast we can simulate the response of the entire network according to different scenarios.
Pumping Scheduling Optimization
Our optimization algorithm will tell you exactly when and how to operate each asset in order to reduce the cost per cubic meter of water pumped
20% Cost Reduction
By accepting our operations schedule you will be able to save about 20% of your current energy costs.


SSMART combines state of the art optimization algorithms with energy tariffs variation to provide the most cost-effective scheduling of the network's operation.
SSOLVE uses an intuituve virtual model of the entire network, which allows the user to monitor in real time all the network's assets as well as reservoir levels and nodal pressures. Moreover, it is possible to manage the network's risks and vulnerabilities by performing behavioral simulations and yield analysis of the water resource system based on different scenarios.
SSENSE uses adaptive and intelligent algorithms, instead of pattern-based algorithms, to predict with more precision the water demand for the next 24 hours. The benchmark tests with real data show a high average accuracy.